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Photo Gallery

3/5/19 -- "A Day in the Life of a Student Nurse" 

Southern CT University CT NAHN hosts Bunnell High School Pre-Nursing Students

3/6/19 -- Nurses Day at the Capitol

CT NAHN partnered with the CT Nurses' Association and nearly a dozen other specialty nursing organizations in a successful event at in Hartford, CT 

4/16/19 -- CEU Event: "Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Opiate Dependence in Childbirth"

CT NAHN members were able to earn CEUs in this training series hosted by Robert Sideleau, RN, BSN (AETC Coordinator at Yale University School of Medicine), and wonderful guest speaker Janet Spinner, CNM, MSN, AAHIVS.

Attendees learned about opiate dependency during pregnancy and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, the impact on unborn/newborn children, and the best practices in the management of NAS.

4/22/19 - Muevete USA at Global Communications Academy in Hartford, CT

CT NAHN members taught three 2nd grade classes about the different the food groups and how to make healthier decisions when it comes to the foods/drinks they put in their bodies. Students made their own person food group booklets, played Food Group Bingo, participated in a physical fitness day, and more! 

5/10/19 - Muevete USA at The Spanish Community of Wallingford

CT NAHN had the pleasure of bringing the Muevete USA program to the Spanish Community of Wallingford. Volunteers provided education about health & parenthood to mothers.